All about computers and components

“Weird and wonderful”, was my first thought when a colleague of mine showed me pictures of the latest computer cases.  Do people really use them?  I mean they look nothing like the   computer towers that I am used to seeing. Some of them looked like lit pyramids with the interiors    visible and lit up so much so that I almost expected a mummy to rise. There were computer cases in the shape of tires, robots, perfume bottles and what not that I was simply blown away. But then I was told these are creative cases made for competitions and   I sighed with relief.

But there are some very unusual gaming cases that are custom made for gamers so they can see through to the interior with those led lights blinking away in rainbow colors to make one realize how seriously gamers take their job of playing gaming.  They are also very serious about their graphics card and are forever searching for high end cards that would satisfy their gaming needs.  The best way to choose the card for your computer is by checking the systems requirements for your games. You will note that there are two types, i.e. the minimum requirement and the recommended requirement.    It’s best to go for the higher requirement to suit any eventuality,    but if this does not fit your budget, you can settle for a graphics card that covers the minimum requirement for your games and hope it will be sufficient.

But this is only for gamers and those who need a high end graphics card for the work they do. Modern day computers all come with a motherboard integrated with a video card which is sufficient for normal browsing, chatting or even watching a video.  But gamers are people with special needs and   prefer to choose a motherboard that does not have any integrated components enabling them to choose the video card or sound card in keeping with their requirements. Although this type of motherboard is not for everyone, it does have a lot of flexibility and allows the user to select the components of his choice.

But when it comes to choosing the monitor there’s hardly any competition as such because in the present day almost everyone settles either for an LCD monitor or a LED monitor. Both are quite popular and use the same technology as far as display of image goes. The differences are in the type of backlighting used to illuminate liquid crystal with the LCD using cold cathode fluorescent lamps and LED using diodes for the same purpose.  There however is an issue about the price   with the LED monitorcosting almost twice the price of the LCD monitor.

To wind up let me give   a bit of advice regarding the computer power supply especially if you’re replacing what you have at present with a new one. Before discarding the old power supply, take it‘s measurements such as height, width and depth so that you will have no problem when buying the new computer power supply because you have to ensure that the power supply can be accommodated in the computer case.