Buying a Digital Camera to suit your needs

I can still remember the box camera my uncle took with him everywhere and never allowed any of us kids (at that time) near it. He took such great pleasure operating, and taking care of it and had great pride in showing off the photographs he got off from it.

All of us own a digital camera today; but I don’t think we value or treasure them as much as my uncle did his old Kodak box camera in his day. The reason for this is may be because of the plethora of various types of camera we have today with each vying with the other for quality, functionality and price. The digital camera is a marvel in its own way and unlike in those days, you don’t have to be an expert cameraman to take prize winning photos because everything has a setting   making the shooting of photographs so much easier.

Most professionals who know what’s best for them prefer the Nikon digital SLR camera because they say it gives them the best shots of all. Nikon no doubt is one of the most popular brands when it comes to cameras mostly because of the quality of their lenses. Exceptional photography owes a lot to exceptional lenses and Nikon has one for almost every purpose.  It’s easy to understand how much the digital SLR camera is prized by veterans when you realize that even Hollywood movies are shot with them while amateurs use this camera to get the movie look for their photos.

The problem most people are faced with today is having too many gadgets and devices that they don’t put to good use. For example what use is a digital camcorderfor someone who hardly videos events? If all he does with his camera is shoot a few photos on vacation and an occasional video, he should have settled for a digital camera because they provide bright ,  clear images that you don’t usually get from a   camcorder.

The digital camcorder is for the person who really enjoys videoing events for fun or for professional work and offer more features such as built in lamps, better quality zooming etc. It also means storing a whole lot of data on the hard disc and unless you can’t do without a camcorder its best to stick to a digital camera some which also have the video function built in to it.

Then there’s the Digital HD camcorder which comes with a high price tag. This has all the features that a professional would want such as surround sound and recording capabilities as well as built in microphones.  It can also store more files and for someone who wants the best in video cameras he will no doubt find the digital HD camcorder more than suitable for his needs.

There’s a breed of photographers who like nothing better than shooting in and under water for which they have their own brand of cameras. A waterproof digital camerais different from others in that they have to be protected from the elements such as dust, moisture and water. Such a camera can also be used in freezing temperatures or fall on a hard surface and still survive.  But the pictures that can be taken underwater with the Waterproof digital camera is limited to 10 meters.  Think well for what purpose you need a camera and then buy one that is suitable for you.