Buying or building a computer

When buying a computer or building one, each person has his own way of doing things. Some go for brand names and swear they wouldn’t be seen dead with anything else while others are satisfied with whatever they think is good enough and what they can afford. Some folks purchase whatever is new and trendy whether its suitable for their requirements or not.

It’s the same when buying PC cases for computers. Unlike in the past, there are cases that are made out of different material and come with various components. Someone building a case will know exactly what he needs in it; especially gamers who  always make sure there’s enough room in their PC cases to install extra fans for cooling purposes, and also for additional ports required for gaming devices and for upgrading in future.  Those who buy the PC cases are the people who are generally more interested in brand names because of their inability to repair them on their own if something goes wrong and depends on a quality product that will give them years of trouble free service.

Buying a touch screen monitor is not the same because it doesn’t come cheap and many therefore would make certain what they buy is of a reputed brand and good quality. Of course there’s no question of manufacturing one because the technologies involved are far beyond the capabilities of an amateur computer expert.  But anyone wanting to go for a touch screen monitor must first consider if she’s going to like working on it in the first place. Many computer users that have got used to the keyboard and mouse find the touch screen a trifle awkward especially when it comes to typing lengthy reports etc.

If you’re not sure and yet wish to replace your old computer monitor, its always better to go for either a LCD or LED monitor that can be used the normal way with a keyboard but comes with a superior screen infused with liquid crystal display technology that makes these screens so much better than the old CRT display screens. Not only are the images bright clear and sharper and the contract ratio almost perfect   in this kind of computer monitor,   it can also bring down your electricity bills considerably.

But, if you wish to change only the old monitor and buy any one of the above new monitors, you might be disappointed that it doesn’t work to your expectations. This could be mostly due to the graphics card in your old computer not having sufficient power to be compatible with the advanced technology in your new monitor and the only way you can change this is by installing a new graphics card that is suitable for the new one.

If you also wish to upgrade the audio function on your computer for recording purposes or simply for the purposes of enjoying your games with a better sound system, its best that you buy a USB sound card that is capable of controlling    audio components such as the speakers and amps in the computer.  Not only is the USB sound card less complex to use it can also be used for multi tasking purposes such as composing music and recording it for work or for pleasure.