How ethical is it to detourage photo?

Digital editing of photos have become a lucrative earner as well as an exciting hobby for those who like the idea of turning bad photos into things of beauty that are admired by everyone. One of the greatest rewards of editing a digital photo is that you get to spot the errors instantly and take action to correct them there and then.  Although retouche photo has been taking place for a long time, it’s only now that the layman has become interested in the art especially because of the ease of getting access to the software available for this purpose.

There however is one aspect of editing or detourage photo that many people are unaware of and that is the legal aspect of manipulating a photograph. Digitally editing a photo is a process where the original image is altered through software to create a different or completely new image which brings into question the ethical issues involved.  Although it’s widely done and might not cause much harm when done playfully among friends and families, much care must be taken when retouch phototakes place in tabloid and magazine publications since publishing false photographs can cause legal action to be taken against the editor of such photos.

Retouche photo and manipulation is certainly not a new thing, but the way things are done today is   much more efficient and faster in view of advanced software such as Adobe Photoshop being used to change original images. When this is done in a way to deceive someone or misrepresent facts, it goes against the standard code of ethics given by the National Press Photographers Association because it could cause grievous harm to the character of the person being portrayed wrongly.

Nevertheless, photo editing can be a very useful tool to enhance photos that are badly taken or to take out unwanted objects from backgrounds to focus only on what’s important in the photographs. When detourage photo takes place its easy to change the background of a photograph or to add a different dimension to it to give it a better look. Experts in the art of digital photo manipulation have no problem in creating a collage of several photos or use various tools to add a sunset or a beach to a plain photo to enhance its quality and make it look more interesting.

Most people however feel that this type of manipulation creates a lot of doubt in the minds of the viewer and in spite of the popularity of retouch photo and the lot of good it does, there’s also much controversy among the public regarding photo editing.  Whatever said and done, one cannot move away from the fact that retouche photo is a very useful tool to remove the red eye effect or to crop unwanted areas in any image. Its also clever editing that brings us beautiful wedding photographs that are so skillfully edited to make them look almost ethereal. Therefore, instead of focusing on the negative aspect of detourage photo, let’s use it to create wonderful images that everyone loves and admires.