Sorting out problems entailed in getting the Carte Grise

A vehicle is not a luxury but an essential commodity today wherever you live making it one of the first things that people buy after a home when they move into a new country. While some prefer to take the vehicle they have been using hoping it will be more cost effective others hope to buy a new vehicle depending on their financial capabilities and their vehicle preferences. Importing a vehicle from Britain to another European country poses no problems for most people usually, except in the case of France that has very stringent rules and regulations.

One of the major problems faced by those taking their used vehicles to France is that of obtaining the Carte grise which entails a lot of paper work without which nothing can be satisfactorily concluded on French soil. They need a form for every act and this is no different when registering a vehicle, especially when it has been brought in from another country. But the fact is if you wish to drive on French roads you must be in possession of the Carte grise as otherwise you can expect a lot of unpleasantness from the French road police.

If you’re crossing over from Britain with your vehicle, you’re allowed to drive with the British number plates for a period of 6 months at the end of which the grace period expires and you are expected to have obtained the Carte grise for France and the French number plates installed. The French are not known to molly coddle foreigners and if you’re found driving on their roads without the all important French registration papers, you will have to face the consequences without a doubt.

Those who are aware of the strict French road rules prefer to buy a new car in France instead of bringing their vehicle over because of the mountain of paper work they have to complete in order to get the Carte Grise. Dealers of new vehicles undertake the complicated procedure involved while those who buy a used car in France has a little more to deal with in order to get the vehicle grey card.  It’s a must for a buyer of a used card to ensure that the seller hands over his Carte grise when selling the vehicle to the new owner because without it, he will not be able to obtain his own grey card that allows him to drive in France.

Many people moving to France nowadays avoid taking their used vehicles to France but take the easy way out by selling the vehicle in their own country which is the best solution to the problem. Another reason for this is due to second hand vehicles having little or no value in France and even if they try to get rid of their used car on French soils they will be at the losing end financially.

This and the problems involved in getting the Carte grise make them realize that its best to buy a car in France which is the better alternative than importing their own car to the country which means having to go through the confusing and lengthy procedure involved in obtaining the Carte grise.