The present day Serrurier Paris is a far cry from the locksmith of days gone by

Before you call a locksmith to your home in Paris to attend to some urgent problem you must ensure you can trust the company and the technicians sent from it before anything else. It doesn’t matter how urgent your particular work is, trust and reputation are two of the most important aspects of a serrurier Paris no matter where he’s located because the work he gets involved in is extremely sensitive and serious.

If you really know the type of work a locksmith does in the present day, you will understand what I mean. Maybe in the days gone by a locksmith was called only for little things like getting the door of a wardrobe or room open when the lock was jammed or didn’t work. They were also needed when keys were lost to make replacement keys. Apart from that, a serrurier Paris was simply a handyman that lived down the street and taken for granted and odd jobs man.

The serrurier of today however is a far cry from the olden day locksmith. He cannot become a locksmith overnight simply because he has the knack to pick locks. He has to follow a course in locksmith work and pass it in order to work as a serrurier Paris and this is not easy in the present day scenario where there are so many different locks to be studied and their mechanisms mastered.

If you think about it, you’ll be surprised at the number of various types of locks used for different purposes. What we use in a normal room door will never be used for the entrance door because it’s not strong enough. An entrance door will have either a multipoint lock which requires three different plates to click into place before the door is completely locked. It also has one unique key and as a serrurier Paris will explain to you, this will make it extremely difficult for a burglar to break and enter.

Other types of locks used by a serrurier are single or double cylinder bolts that helps fix a door to its frame so that even if an intruder kicks the door, it will not fall or break down because it’s firmly tethered to the frame. When you invite a  serrurier Paris to take a look at your doors and security system and request him to submit a quotation, he will take everything into consideration such as the number of entrances your home has, sensitive points and the types of locks and bolts that must be installed to make your home completely safe.

Most people get their serrurier to change all the locks in the house when they move to a new location because they cannot be sure who has keys in their possession and are able to enter their home. The telephone number of a known and proven serrurier Paris should be in possession of everyone who handle keys to their homes and vehicles so that in case of an emergency they can call him immediately without wondering how they can get into their homes or their vehicles if the keys are misplaced.