What type of Printer will you do need for the work you do?

Long before computers and printers came on the scene people had to write by hand and later on use typewriters that gradually improved from manual to electronic. But in each and every system, the only way you could get copies of the document was by inserting carbon sheets between papers which was tedious to say the least.  With the introduction of photocopiers there was much relief among office workers who were then able to take photo copies of their documents for filing and other purposes.

Printing technology has evolved so much that there is a printer for almost every type of work you need doing. Among the many available today, the laser printer is without a doubt the most popular because of its superior technology that can bring out prints of high quality text as well as graphics.  This is my personal opinion as well since I’ve been using a HP laser printer for more than four years now and it’s still going strong and not giving me trouble at all.

I’m also quite happy with the multifunction laser printer used in my small office because it gets all the work done through that one machine. This I have found is not only cost effective but also eliminates unnecessary clutter of cables running across the office. Being able to get printouts, photocopies and have my documents scanned as well makes the multifunction laser printer and all in one machine that I would definitely resort to whenever I have to buy a printer again.

I know of several large factories that use a label printer for the printing of the massive number of labels they print out daily for their clients.  The difference with this type of printer is the paper used which is a mix of paper and plastic.  A label printer is capable of using two different mechanisms for printing which are; laser and thermal impact with the latter being more common.  A Line printer is also mostly used for heavy duty work and usually prints one line at a time and is capable of printing at least 2000 lines per minute.

Another type of printer we often hear about is the Dot Matrix printer which is somewhat similar to the system used by the inkjet printer. But in the case of the Dot Matrix printer there are pins that form a matrix and printing is carried out when the   pins hit the print ribbon which strikes the relevant character against the paper.  As the name suggests, the characters are formed when the dots comes together on the paper.

Although not generally found in a regular office, a large format printer can be a very useful piece of equipment to print large size layouts, photos and letters that are larger than the normal. A large format printer is usually used in a graphic arts studio or newspaper office and although rather expensive, they do come with multiple ink tanks and paper trays which make it extremely cost effective in the long run.

Whenever you think of buying a printer for personal or office use, make sure you buy one that is suitable for your work and keep in mind that there’s no point in buying a printer that has multiple features if all you ever need one is to print out a few documents once in a way.