Applying for the Carte Grise the best way

The best advice anyone can give to those leaving for France is to buy a new vehicle once they are on French soil instead of taking their old vehicle to the country. This is mainly because of the problems involved in getting the Carte grise which is a mandatory document being the vehicle registration card without which no motorist can drive on French roads. Another is that the French have their own vehicle manufacturers such as the Renault, Citron and Peugeot that can be bought easily or if price is a factor, it’s cheaper to buy a used car in France.

French mechanics being familiar with their brands of vehicles, you will find it less of a hassle when you want any repairs done or parts replaced which is not the case if you take your foreign vehicle to that country. Buying a new car also has the advantage of being able to get the Carte grise without the buyer having to go through endless paper work due to the dealer usually being happy to sort out this part of the business as an additional service.

Foreigners of course are given a time period to get their Carte Grise but after that no excuses will be accepted by the French police if they have not fixed the French license plates on their vehicles. In order to get the French plates, they must have the vehicle registration completed and approved and those buying a second hand car have certain procedures to follow in this connection. But the most important is to ensure they are buying a vehicle that is legally owned by the seller for which he must have proper authorization to sell and the documents to prove it.

Although in the past vehicle owners applying for vehicle registration in France used to send their applications by post, advanced technology has provided people with an easy alternative which is to apply online through the “Cartegrise Minute” website. Anyone can access this site and get the necessary details plus the documents that have to be made ready to apply for the Carte grise, along with the cost of the application.

When you send the application online, you can expect approval within 24 hours if you have submitted the correct documents such as proof of identity, proof of residency,    vehicle test reports, and conformity certificate from manufacturer and in the case of a second hand vehicle, the previous Carte grise which is essential for approval. Payment is usually made by credit card in case of an online application for which you will receive instant acknowledgement and temporary registration to help you to order your license plates.

Now you’re almost through and all that remains is for you to receive your original Carte grise which will be sent to you by FedEx and you’re done with all the hassles.  All that’s left is to enjoy your stay in France while touring the countryside which is so picturesque that you will feel that all the trouble you went through to get the Carte grise was well worth it.