Bond Turns Down Sony

We all know James Bond and gadgets go hand in hand, like Boybands and bad haircuts, the two are virtually one in the same – so you can understand that for most global giants, Bond is the ultimate platform to sell the next big thing on the market.

But recent news has proven that it takes more than just a lump of money to entice the world’s greatest secret agent to endorce your product, as Sony recently found out.

UK based website Mashable claims to have intercepted some secretive documents from the Japanese tech giant, referring to a rather embarressing business proposal between Sony’s mobile devision and 007 himself, Daniel Craig.

It appears that Sony recently offered Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes a whopping £5 million to use their upcoming Xperia smartphone in Spectre, only to have the pair turn down the offer on the grounds that the phone isn’t ‘cool enough’ for James Bond.

Daniel Craig as James Bond alongside the iconic Aston Martin.

For decades the franchise has prided itself on using the best of the best when it comes to gadgets – from Aston Martin’s and BMW’s to Omega watches and Armani suits, Bond has ensured he’s the world’s number one trend setter – he is a secret agent after all.

Exactly what phone Bond will use in the soon-to-be-released Spectre is anyone’s guess, but reports suggest Samsung have struck a deal which will certainly be good news for the South Korean manufacturer who are currently battling market leader Apple for the number one spot.

Check out the teaser trailer for Spectre here.