Deciding whether to buy a new PC or replace parts in the old one

Perhaps you’re in two minds wondering whether to have a few components in your desktop changed or buy a new computer. If you know something about computers, it would do you good to see if its possible for you to do a part replacement on your own, but for this you should have some ‘know how’ For starters let’s consider the computer power supply system. I still remember how a bolt of lightening destroyed my power system completely and I had to take it to the technician who said it had to be replaced.

The computer power supply job however is not as simple as that of a standard power of the car battery or TV. It must provide different voltages at various different strengths and should also be able to manage additional signal that are used by the motherboard. The motherboard also varies from one computer to another and even if two computers offer a similar performance and has the same capabilities, they could be laid out quite differently. When you take your computer for repairs and are told that the motherboard needs replacement, you tend to panic as I did. But don’t because its not as expensive as you imagine and can be purchased for much less than you would have to fork out for a new PC.

Even today’s graphics card has come a long way from its humble beginnings when all it could do was simply display whatever we produced on the screen and that was also only text in black and white. Today however with everything we produce having to do with graphics, the modern graphics card is able to take whatever we produce and instruct the screen how it should be displayed, and what form and color it should take. This is even more important with the huge amount of graphics that are being created today.

If you must change something, let it be the computer monitor, especially if you still have the old and bulky looking CRT monitor. The latest monitors available today are works of art that almost everyone wants to display on their tables. Apart from the space saving aspect of these elegant looking pieces, they are capable of bringing down your electricity bills as well. But you might be a little confused when deciding whether to buy an LCD monitor or the newer LED monitor. While there’s hardly any doubt that the latter wins hands down when it comes to quality, color and brightness, but it does come with a huge price tag which is not affordable for many.

So, if that’s an issue for you, there’s absolutely no harm in going for the LCD monitorwhich is just as good except for a few issues regarding screen quality that can be overlooked if you’re not really interested in playing video games. Finally we come to a component that we hardly used to bother about in the early days. I’m talking computer cases that are getting more attention today than they ever did in the past. Unlike the earlier models that were small, medium or large, and came in plain black or silver, today’s computer cases are pretty diverse and can be customized according to ones needs.