Freddie Highmore Eyes Spider-Man Role

It appears to be the most wanted role in Hollywood, and now Bates Motel star Freddie Highmore has expressed his interest in taking over the role of Spider-Man from Andrew Garfield.

The British actor told IGN that he would “love to be considered. That would be fantastic. I guess we’ll just see how things go”. Highmore was eager to make his feelings towards the vacant role known, “It would be such a fantastic role,” he admitted. “With Norman Bates, some people would always say, ‘Oh, is it tricky playing Norman knowing he has this history behind him, and with Anthony Perkins’ classic performance that you will always be compared to?’

“I guess similarly with the actor who ends up playing Spider-Man there will always be comparisons made with Tobey Maguire’s great performance and most recently Andrew Garfield.”

The 23 year-old could certainly be a major contender for the role, having proven his popularity in Hollywood, thanks to the success of the A&E series Bates Motel. The primetimes series charts the early years of Norman and Norma Bates, the murderous mother and son duo created by acclaimed filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, and also stars Vera Farmiga.

With Sony recently announcing that they were rebooting the famous web-slinger, with the potential for Spider-Man to make an appearance alongside The Avengers, Highmore will have some tough competition for the role.