Getting know your computer inside out

Who would have thought that PC cases will gain such status it they have in the recent past. I can’t remember a time when we really thought about the computer case and considered it only as a box that contained the more important elements of a computer. But today, PC cases have a more important place especially for gaming fans who consider it important to have a case that can hold all their gaming devices, additional ports and the all important cooling fans to keep the machine from becoming too hot.  The aesthetics of the case has also come to the fore with some PC cases being customized in beautiful colors or even see through cases that makes it possible to see into it where colored LED lights blink away in all their glory.

Touch screen monitors were first seen in public places such as airports, banks, ATM machines fast food kiosks etc. where it was possible to get what you wanted simply by jabbing on the screen. It was such a novel feature at that time. Today the touch screen technology has been built into PCs, phones and many other electronic devices with the iPad that was first introduced with the touch screen monitor becoming quite a rage among users. Although considered expensive at the beginning, familiarity and usage has brought the price of the touch screen monitor down and this is indeed a good thing because they are accurate, and reliable with sound technology behind its design.

Apart from these innovative new monitors we also have new PC monitors that are sleek and light with large wide screens that provide a better resolution,  contrast ratio, bright colors and clear images; much more than the  type of computer monitor we used to have such as the CRT monitor.  Whether you require a monitor for your work, creating graphics, editing videos or simply for the pleasure of watching movies, you cannot go far wrong with the  flat screen computer monitor that comes with an LCD or LED screen. They are also much more energy efficient than the traditional monitors we used to work on and look definitely better in any room in the home or office.

Anyone into multi tasking will realize pretty soon that the computer RAM installed in his computer at the inception is just not enough for the huge amount of work he carries out regularly.  One of the most obvious complaints of running short of computer RAM is when the performance of the computer starts to slow down and it takes ages for a program to load. It becomes almost impossible to have more than one window open when you don’t have sufficient RAM making it necessary to get additional computer RAM in keeping with the work you have to carry out.

It is the same   when you want to play video games on your computer and find that you do not get the kind of visual experience you should when playing your favorite games. This is mostly due to the graphics card installed in your PC not having enough power to provide you with the best images. In order to enjoy the games to their fullest you will have to buy an additional graphics card which is the only way your computer can provide you with a truly unforgettable gaming experience. If you want to feel like you’re a part of the game what you need is a powerful graphics cardwhich also requires a better cooling system to help enhance its performance.

If however, you’re more into music and recording tracks, your interest will lie more in the audio capabilities of your computer for which   the sound card comes into the fore. But the problem with most sound cards is they are only capable of providing you with normal entertainment such as listening to music or chatting with friends and not anything more advanced like recording or creating tracks. To do this kind of thing, you will need a USB sound card and here you must consider the wireless support and transfer speed to ensure that you’re provided with continuous playback without any lag.