Making your decision based on famous Computer brands

To buy or not to buy is the question most computer users face when they have to make a choice between different computers. Huge strides have been made in the field of technology lately and fast and powerful machines try our patience to the limit when having to decide between quality and budget. Taking a look at different types of branded computers might make your decision easier.

At the top of the list is the Apple iMac that pioneered the world of computers by transforming big bulky monsters to streamlined sleek machines that have become things of beauty, yearned to be owned by everyone. Their latest offering is the new 27” desktop computer, powered by Intel Core i5 processor with RAM options ranging from 4 to 16GB. It has the capacity to store as many images as you would like plus movies, games and documents still leaving enough room for future applications.

It works like a dream and for most people its price is also dreamlike because other than the filthy rich, who can afford its highly exorbitant price of $1,999? But, let’s say you do have that kind of money, go get this beauty because it’s the best available at present and with the stunning 27” display, you couldn’t ask more of a desktop computer.

If Apple is not exactly your brand, you can always fall back on the trusted HP which is no second when it comes to quality and technology. This is amply proved with their innovative HP Touch Smart 9300 Elite desktop computer which is also powered by Intel core processor i3, i5 or i7 in keeping with the buyer’s needs. It comes with a huge RAM of 8GB and has a sufficiently big screen of 23” that makes graphics and images look crisp and clear while its storage space of 1TB on the hard drive makes it amply suitable for hard core computer users such as gamers and professionals. It’s comparatively cheaper at $1,400 and looks good enough to be on show in your living room.

With more and more people liking what the All in One PC has to offer, it’s the Acer Z5 that has taken the number one spot in this particular category. Consisting of useful 23” screen and powered by Intel core processor i5 it has powerful graphics and 4GB RAM with generous storage space of 1.5TB to stores all your documents and video clips and anything else you like. This is perfect for computer geeks that cannot do without a keyboard and mouse, both of which are wireless and priced at an affordable $1,000 considering its quality and features.

In an even better pricing structure is the Samsung 7 All in One PC which some consider a work of art with its clear screen and beautiful, ultra smart look. More famous for mobile technology the Samsung All in one PC has less processing power with Intel Core i5 2390T and 64MB RAM, this is not the machine for gaming fanatics although its price of $920 to $ 1,200 will no doubt be very attractive to most home users. But it does have 1TB storage space for your data which in any circumstance is good enough for a casual user who is more interested in its overall look than the processing power.

So there you are; a morsel of information that would make it easy for you to make your decision based on your needs and financial capabilities and depending on whether you need a desktop computer or an All in one PC.