Taking care of your Laptop, Notebook of Netbook Computer

Let me start with this important statement regarding your Computer. “Don’t spill coke on it”, don’t spill milk on it, “for heaven’s sake, don’t spill anything on it”. If you do that, don’t blame the manufacturer because it’s your own fault and if you can’t take care of your machines, better not buy one. It’s as simple as that. How many times do you hear   friends complaining about how slow their laptop computer has become or how quickly the power cord on a notebook computer snapped?

Sadly, most of them never go on to say that it got drenched with orange juice, water or whatever when the glass he was drinking from slipped from his fingers spilling the contents on his precious machine. Neither will anyone admit how harshly he or she pulled the cable from the power socket after charging, because they are well aware that this is not the way to treat a sensitive machine such as a laptop or notebook computer.

They only realize how much damage they have done to their netbook computerwhen it doesn’t start up even after they keep rebooting it over and over again. First they curse, and then they kick the machine or slam it shut and open it again, yet, nothing to show that it’s coming to life and then they sit with their fingers crossed and praying as if their lives depended on it wishing it to come back to life, forgetting how badly it was treated.

It really doesn’t matter what type of machine it is; be it a laptop or notebook because they all have internal components that are sensitive to touch and should therefore be treated gently. While you just cannot get away with spilling liquid on your netbook computer, neither is it forgivable to pull the cord and break it because constant such action might even short circuit your machine with disastrous consequences.

Taking care of your Notebook computer is not that difficult if you follow a few simple guidelines. Using it continuously can build up heat. You should therefore rest it at least for 30 minutes after using it for 2-3 hours to cool it down. If that’s not possible, make sure you use a cooling pad which is a great investment that will prolong battery life by preventing condensation of moisture inside the machine. Although manufacturers state that a laptop computer has a battery life of 5 hours, this is not always the case with even a Notebook computer offering a battery life of only 4 hours or so. If you travel a lot, it’s better to buy a Notebook with an add-on battery feature.

Other simple ways of prolonging the life of your Laptop computer or Notebook is by performing regular defragmentation which improves the speed of the hard drive. Adjusting the brightness of your Notebook to the bare minimum, will help    extract as much power as possible while keeping it on hibernate mode instead of standby will also save energy.  Remember that a lightweight netbook means less battery life because the battery depends on the processor and the tasks done on the computer.

Finally, whether it’s a LaptopNotebook or Netbook computer for God’s sake, don’t drop it. It’s not a toy you know. Keep in mind that it’s more like a human and the better you treat it the more response you will have.