The amazing technology involved in Memory Cards

Living in an age of computers mean that you need to have at least some sort of knowledge of how they work and the software used to speed up the process of completing our work and saving   files to ensure that the work that’s so painstakingly carried out is safe.   You can just imagine how mind boggling it can be; if after completing a hundred pages document your computer crashes; which mean you lose   all that important data you input which is unthinkable in any circumstances.

I’m not   talking only about computers but also about other digital devices such as cell phones, laptops, digital cameras etc. in which various files; including data files, music videos, movies and anything else you can think of are stored. As you can imagine, no computer can store such a vast amount of data in its inbuilt memory and it’s in order to ensure the safety of all data that a memory card is used.

From the time it was introduced in the 1990s, there has been various types of the card reader which is a very small portable device   used for the storage of data in computers, cameras etc. A memory card  can be plugged in to a computer or camera not only to store files and data but also to transfer them into another device. They are available in different sizes and storage space and at times in different names as well with a flash card being usually used for the purpose of storing digital media files.

A flash card is eminently suitable for cameras, camcorders and gaming consoles and the process of transferring data is done by inserting it into the device in which the files are stored and then connected to a computer. It should however be noted that it’s not possible for a memory card to work unless a memory card reader is installed in the computer. This is done by inserting the card into the slot in a compatible device after which the device is connected to the computer through an USB connection.

Another type of card reader is the Smart card reader which is a device that communicates with the microprocessor within the card to relay information to relevant channel. A smart card looks like a credit card and is also known as and Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) which is made of plastic and used for various purposes.   In the digital world we live in today, it’s impossible to imagine life without a smart card reader which is what we use as credit and debit cards in ATMs the world over.

Anyone who hates the idea of lugging his precious camera everywhere in order to store his photos electronically will find the USB card reader just the thing for the task he has in mind. This is a device that can be attached to any PC that has a USB port from which it’s possible to transfer data from and to the card via a USB cable. You can be quite sure of the safety of your data since the USB card reader memory is non volatile and as such there’s no risk of the data being erased.

Its only when you dig into the various aspects of computer software and the amazingly innovative technology that is being used to improve and enhance the digital equipment being used today that you realize how little we know and how much there is to learn in order to gain at least a minimal knowledge of the vast area we call computer technology.