The ease of applying online for the Carte Grise

It’s easy to buy a used car in France because there’s very little value in second hand cars resulting in their prices being very low. Most people migrating to France from other countries prefer this method of buying a vehicle because of the problems involved when getting down a car from their own country even if it’s a used one. But one problem everyone has to face; whether they buy a used car, a brand new model or bring their own vehicle is that of getting the Carte grise which is mandatory for all vehicle users in France.

Without the Carte Grise which in fact is the vehicle registration document, the French authorities will not allow anyone to drive on their roads and if you have moved in recently, you will be given a grace period of four months to apply for the grey card. One of the advantages of buying a new car is that you personally don’t have to go through the hassle of obtaining the Carte grise because most vehicle dealers will undertake this tiresome job as a part of their service.

As anyone who has ever driven in France will tell you, the French are sticklers for rules and will not let anyone get away by breaking them no matter how good the excuse is. If you hope to live in their country for more than 6 months you’re expected to have in your possession the Carte grise and if you don’t you’ll be fined or jailed and that’s all there is to it. While this is all good, the problem faced by many people is the various documents they have to get together before then send in their vehicle registration application.

One saving grace for second hand car owners is that it is easier for them to obtain the Carte grise unlike those that import their vehicles from abroad. Buying a second hand vehicle however has its own pitfalls and the main one is to ensure that your seller is above board and that you’re being sold a vehicle that is legally owned by the seller and that all documents including the Carte grise is compatible with the vehicle he’s selling.

When buying a used card, make sure that the details of the vehicle you’re buying and those entered in the Carte grise are one and the same. The seller must also issue a letter stating that he has no opposition to selling his vehicle while another letter transferring the vehicle in the name of the new owner should also be provided. Without these documents it will not be possible for the new owner to get his Carte grise because the French are very particular to ascertain that the vehicle in question has been legally purchased.

When you have all the documents in your hand, you can apply for the Carte griseonline which is the quickest way to get it since if you post the application it will take at least 8 to 10 days for the processing to take place and for you to receive the registration and the license plates that will enable you to take your vehicle on the road.