Vin Diesel Confirms Fast and Furious 8

It was enevitable that, despite the loss of one of it’s most loved stars, the Fast and Furious franchise still had something left in the tank – especially considering the seventh film in the series broke the billion-dollar mark at the box office.

Little has been spoken of another sequel so far, not surprising considering the franchises stars have been in a suspended state of mourning the last year and a bit after the tragic passing of their co-star Paul Walker. Any many believed that the perhaps much of the cast, including Vin Diesel, would perhaps step away from Universal’s most successful franchise.

Well it’s seems we were wrong – Vin Diesel has recently confirmed at CinemaCon that an eighth blockbuster is in the making and that the star will very much be a part of it, continuing on the legacy he helped build with best friend Paul Walker. Great news for all the adrenaline-fulled fans out there who can expect to see the next instalment when it’s hits cinemas April 14, 2017.